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Sat Apr 14 09:40:03 CDT 2007

> You can find several places that make an ST to VGA adapter cable which 
> is good.

Will a CGA monitor be able to handle 320x200 lo-res? I wonder if people
have tried hooking them up to Commodore 1902s or 1084s.

If I use the composite lines from the monitor on a composite display, what
happens to the main display on the STacy? Does it turn off or stay on?

> Ram upgrades are all very easy to install and you can find them from B&C 
> Computervisions - and from Best Electronics - 

But, say, to run things like MIDI applications, games, etc., is it necessary
to have more than 1MB RAM?

> Look at places like in its ST section, several very easy 
> homebrew IDE interfaces are available or you can pick up a MegaFile HD 
> which plugs into Atari's ACSI interface (a slight variant on SCSI with 
> its own self assigning drive # system)

This implies that the internal interface for the STacy is SCSI. True?

The person I got it from was clueless and had no idea if it had an HD
or not, although the screenshot just showed A and B "floppy drives" (but
there was no second bracket), so installing an HD would be very nice if
I can just get a SCSI mini drive from a donor Mac and slap that in.

> It all comes down to what you are planning to use the ST for, also if 
> you want to Internet enable your ST look into getting an Ethernec card - 
> its an NE2000 unit that plugs into the cartridge port and uses a 
> modified version of the STing Ip protocol.

I might look into that although the Commodores are starting to occupy
more and more ports on the hub these days :)

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