MFMulation? (Solid-state replacements for MFM drives)

Geoff Reed geoffr at
Mon Apr 16 02:06:06 CDT 2007

There were several MFm replacement devices years ago, IIRC they were battery
backed SRAM

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Oddly enough, I've been working on a design for an MFM
drive replacement on and off for a while now. I don't
believe that flash memory is the way to go though with
cheap and plentiful IDE drives available.

I've seen that commercial offering somewhere in Europe
- looks expensive.

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> Hello, all.
> Does anyone on the list know if anyone in our
> extended community has ever
> come up with some sort of plug-compatible flash
> memory replacement for MFM
> drives?
> I've a vague idea that I've seen a commercial
> offering at some point in
> the past, but obviously that'd be a fairly expensive
> move to make.
> (Fairly? Oh, OK. Very.)
> I've got a Northstar Horizon that I mentioned on
> here many, many years
> ago and I've just started looking at it again; once
> I've got it up and
> running it'd be nice to add some sort of permanent
> storage, but without
> jettisoning one of the floppy drives. The SuperIO
> board is one option,
> but I'd like to keep it as stock-Northstar as I can.
> Anyway, I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on
> the topic!
> Cheers,
> Simon.

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