CP/M survey

Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Wed Apr 18 15:28:14 CDT 2007

Just because I don't think it's been mentioned:

  Vector Graphic MZ

(or are we not distinguishing between various S100 boxes..?)

Given to me a few years ago but really haven't done much with it other than to
power it up, boot CP/M from the solitary disk it came with and see that it
will load & run BASIC from the disk. Seems to be a well-built S100 box, but
with hard-sectored floppy drives and a 'unique' SSI/MSI disk controller. Also
came with a 'really dumb' terminal: just the monitor and keyboard in a
terminal case and all the terminal smarts on an S100 card back in the processor.

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