Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at
Wed Apr 18 21:10:40 CDT 2007

Since CP/M machine discussion came up...

I have an ATR8000.  In addition, it has a (forgot brand) board that goes 
the cpu and the mainboard and gives it a SASI ? interface.  I also have 
a Xebec
bridgeboard (S1410?) to then convert that to MFM.

The only thing I didn't get was the MFM drive (it had long since be 
recycled by
the previous owner into a PC).  What I never was able to figure out was 
how to
low level format the HD !

I don't know that I have the formatter.  (Either that or it is there and 
I simply
don't know how to use it).

I would love it if someone could fill in that long outstanding blank for 

Also, any idea if a SCSI drive could be hooked up in lieu of the Xebec 
and MFM
drive ?  I know SASI and SCSI1 are close... but I don't dare do this 
till I know it
will work (don't want to toast the hardware).

-- Curt

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