SGI Reality Monster drives/OS?

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Fri Apr 20 12:19:58 CDT 2007

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> > Nope, all the SGI machines in this auction were sans hard drives:
> > <>
>     :oO
>     Does it runs "doom" in 4D-Virtual-Reality-Lawnmover-man-system? :o)

Actually, there is an X11 port of doom that runs on SGI boxes, so
yeah, I could probably run doom on that once I get hard drives and an
OS on it.  I don't think it would be lawnmower man style (god, what an
awful movie).  LM came out in 1992 and the "Reality Monster" came out
in 1999.  I guess that doesn't really make this machine "vintage" so
much as "discontinued".  Still, getting 4 racks of SGI iron for $666
(the devil made me do it!) is a steal.
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