Junkbox parts...

Allison ajp166 at bellatlantic.net
Mon Apr 23 10:29:22 CDT 2007

The question on junkbox z80 systems made me remember that
old 386 and 486 system besides providing a raft of 32kx8 SRAMS
also had a keyboard interface chip..

I have a few salvaged 8742(smae as 8242) from PC hardware
of the AT class 80386-486 level.

Without resorting to eraseing the Eproms (8742) and reprogramming 
them I've wondered if..

Can these parts (PC AT keyboard interface) can they be used for 
small system as a interface from AT or PS2 keyboard to a 8bit micro.
Right off I suspect yes.  However is there any information on how 
to "talk" software wise to them as to what kind of results and 
commands they take?


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