Another unknown computer panel (is a 2870 panel)

Bob Rosenbloom bobalan at
Tue Apr 24 13:56:33 CDT 2007

Thanks Al. I decided to interface it to a microcontroller with a serial interface. With the manual, I can probably make it
act like it should.

I found a box of IBM 8" floppies that I think contain software for
the Series/1 minicomputer. Can you read those? Probably 20-30 floppies. I also have another 30 or so that I believe are from a System/36. I can drop them off if you want them.
I have a Series/1 but no floppy drive, oh well.


Al Kossow <aek at> wrote: I located the FE manual for the 2870 in the CHM archives, and it
appears to match. I'll get scans of that and the 2860 manuals up
in the next couple of days.

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