RX01 in SIMH - how to do it?

joe lang jclang at notms.net
Tue Apr 24 14:02:26 CDT 2007

Gooijen, Henk wrote:

>  Hi,
>I feel like a fool ... I just can't get an RX01 drive
>configured and attached in SIMH.
>If I boot RT11 from a virtual RL02, and do .SH DEV,
>the DX driver is listed as "Not installed".
>On SY: is DX.SYS and DXX.SYS, and since RT11 answered
>to the command ".set rx0 locked"
>"?KMON-F-File not found SY:RXX.SYS", I copied DXX.SYS
>to RXX.SYS ... and reboot of course.
>When I enter ".set rx0 locked" the response is now
>"?KMON-F-Invalid set parameter".
>I break to SIMH and enter "att rx0 simrx01.dat" and the
>SIMH response is
>  RX: creating new file
>  RX: buffering file in memory
>When I continue, and enter .SH DEV, DX is "Not installed".
>The CSR for DX is in SIMH 177174, the default 177170 is
>assigned to DY. I know that both drivers normally have the
>same CSR, I don't see a problem here.
>So, how do I attached and access (!) a virtual RX01 floppy?
>Has anybody used RX01 in SIMH before?
>  thanks, 
>- Henk.
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You have to disable the rx02 and enable the rx01 in SIMH
Since they use the same CSR


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