Why are these SGI boxes double-high?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Tue Apr 24 14:23:43 CDT 2007

On Tuesday 24 April 2007 13:42, Richard wrote:
> It turns out all this SGI gear is coming from Boeing.  That means the
> Onyx 2 Reality Monster is likely to have a nice multi-head
> configuration :-).  Woo hoo!
> So my question is... why is this Onyx and Challenge pictured in a
> double-high cabinet?
>     <http://www.dovebid.com/assets/display.asp?ItemID=cpt58902>
>     <http://www.dovebid.com/assets/display.asp?ItemID=cpt58877>
> Usually when I see a Challenge or Onyx in a photo I see a cabinet
> that is half the height of these and that includes space for all the
> boards and drives.  So what would you need the extra cabinet space
> for?  More boards and drives or just more drives?

It's a different system from the 1/2 height Challenge L and Onyx.  (This 
is "full height" not "double height".)  I gave up two Challenge XLs 
about a month ago, and still have a (prototype) Onyx similar to that 

Basically, the chassis have more slots than the 1/2 rack version.

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