Lack of 8-bit threads (was Re: Linux question)

Ensor classiccmp at
Wed Apr 25 19:40:03 CDT 2007


  > I 'only' have the HP150-II. It's in a larger case, with a 12"
  >CRT, an optional touchscreen (which is fitted on mine)....

I have one of these too, though without the touchscreen or any expansion 
cards (it's even missing the rear plastic cover).

Seems like an interesting machine, one of these days I must get it set up; 
I've only had it 9 years, LOL! How difficult are HP/IB hard drives to come 
by for them (I've got the dual floppy drive unit)?

Always hankered after an original 150 though, it's a really cool shape! :-)

  TTFN - Pete.

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