Good DOS binary file viewer?

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Wed Apr 25 21:50:02 CDT 2007

>From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at>
>Seeking recommendations for a good MSDOS/FreeDOS-compatible binary file 
>viewer (hex / ASCII modes) to stick on my Imagedisk machine...
>Technically I don't actually need any editing facilities - just the viewer 
>side would do.
>I think PCTools came with a reasonable one at one point, but there's 
>probably something better out there that's downloadable...
If you can find a copy of xtree. It not only has a great file and dirctory
handler, one can view and edit files, displayed in HEX. Many thimes I've
used it to edit image files or just look at files. It shows ascii on the 
while viewing as well.

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