Amstrad PCW 8256/8512

roger pugh rogpugh at
Mon Apr 30 03:34:58 CDT 2007

>  What do you mean "came with"? On disk, or in rom.
> Obviously I haven't turned it on yet...
Aaahh..  On disk..   3 inch floppys are reversable, you can turn them
over.  One side had the WP software and the other had CP/M 3.3 with
utilities and also basic.  GWBasic as i recall

There must be disk images on the interweb somewhere!!!  I think there is
a PCW8256 emulator called Joyce aswell.
There is a very high chance that the floppy disk drive has a broken or
streached drive belt preventing it from turning the floppy.  A Rubber
band is a good temporary substitute.

> > Despite the awful monitor,

It is a TV screen..

>  and mine came repleat with the printer BTW.

the printer has no logic onboard but is driven directly from the main
unit, so is useless by itself

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