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Fri Aug 3 09:13:46 CDT 2007

>From: "Simon Fryer" <fryers at>
>Strange, I didn't recall Sellam typing anything like this but I'll
>check my email to find the original message. I took the suggestion of
>a rival VCF is that one could be undertaken if someone was going to
>set one up and would risk damaging the image of VCF other VCFs. I am
>sure that if we were to drop a couple of friendly emails to the right
>people, have them share their experiences to improve the event, we
>would not only be able to offer a better event but could also use the
>name in a way that would add value and credibility.

The original in the thread was about someone stating that they would
steal the name to spite Sellam and what could he do about it.
That was his response to such a post.
Things always sound a little different out of context.
How many VCF's have you been to? You seem to be a judge as to
how well or not how well such evens go. I've been to several here
on the West Coast of the US. Having seen pictures of many that are
first time events in many locations, I can tell you that the longer running
events here on the West Coast have matured quite well. Exhibit
quality and content has improved year after year. The speakers have
been the type that many pay considerable money for to hear speak.
He usually has a consignment table as well as some space for those
who want to sell items. I've always considered it just rounding out
the show and not something to be ashamed of but I guess those
in the UK see things differently.
In any case, Sellam has also made it clear that he would be willing to
work with anyone willing, in the UK to honestly work toward setting
one up. Not living that requires someone local to work the logistics.
There or a few on this list that have held grudges against Sellam
for various reasons. None of which are related to his ability to
organize these shows.

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