ST-412 Jumpers

silvercreekvalley silvercreekvalley at
Fri Aug 3 11:21:28 CDT 2007

I'm just trying to figure out the jumper settings
on a ST-412 drive. I've read the manual and it sort
of helps, but its somewhat obtuse in style.

I have two drives which are taken from working 
PDP 11/23's - they both have the same setting on
the jumper block.

The jumper block is a 16 pin DIL socket, with a 
14 pin DIL plug inserted. The plug has 7 metal
bars, 3 of which are open circuit, the rest
are closed.

Working from the connector end of the PCB, the

first bar - open
second bar - open
third bar - closed
fourth bar - open
fifth bar - closed
sixth bar - closed
seventh bar - closed

Looking in the manual the first bar would persumably
be written as 8-9, the second as 7-10 etc?

Anyway, I'm trying to use this in a PERQ just to
test the EIO is working, and I can boot of floppy.

So I need to set this as drive 1. What bars would I
need to open and close? 



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