UK VCF?...bickering

Dan ragooman at
Fri Aug 3 08:21:54 CDT 2007

I lurk here on the mailing list to learn about interesting things that's 
happening in the vintage community.
I don't profess to make a name for myself and or to show how much of an 
expert I am.
I have enough "stripes" on my arm and scars on my butt to show otherwise.
I've been looking for years for a close knit community such as the one 
at MARCH, besides VCF of course.
I've always wished about attending the VCF out in Cali but the funds 
have always been tight.
Thankfully, there's a closer one to me in NJ (VCFe)
But when I see this bickering go on endlessly like this about 
organizing, it just turns me off.
As it should to most of __you__
I have seen just as much waste of bandwidth on here with all this 
useless bantering.
I suggest you all grow up.


Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-08-03 at 12:38 +0100, Simon Fryer wrote:
>> G'Day,
>> This seems to be slowly drifting off topic.
>> On 03/08/07, Gordon JC Pearce <gordon at> wrote:
>> [VCF being a trademarked name in Europe.]
>> I don't really care what it is called.
>>> Sellam, if you're so enthusiastic as to set up a "rival" VCF to spite
>>> someone setting up a VCF-a-like, why not just set up a VCF in the UK?
>> Strange, I didn't recall Sellam typing anything like this but I'll
> >From yesterday evening: 
> 1) No, "Vintage Computer Festival" is not trademarked internationally,
> nor 
> do I have any inclination to invest the enormous amounts of money to do 
> so.  Besides, if anyone did want to try to put on a vintage computer 
> festival and call it the "Vintage Computer Festival", there's a simple 
> solution to that: I would hold a real Vintage Computer Festival down
> the 
> street from theirs on the same dates and advertise the hell out of it
> and 
> ensure that the wannabe "VCF" only got two attendees (who would be 
> stragglers from the real VCF up the way ;)
>> check my email to find the original message. I took the suggestion of
> 17:50BST, 2/7/2007 or thereabouts
>> a rival VCF is that one could be undertaken if someone was going to
>> set one up and would risk damaging the image of VCF other VCFs. I am
>> sure that if we were to drop a couple of friendly emails to the right
>> people, have them share their experiences to improve the event, we
>> would not only be able to offer a better event but could also use the
>> name in a way that would add value and credibility.
> I'd rather not use the name at all, if that's the sort of attitude we're
> facing.  This is not to say anything against Sellam, who does great and
> important work for the classic computing community; I'd rather just use
> a different name and avoid any potential hassle.  Sellam can run a
> VCF-UK if he likes, and I'll be glad to see it and perfectly happy to
> come along with a stand.
>> Now, we could all type about this, discuss the finer points of
>> international trademark law and call each other names, or we could
>> push ahead, think of a rough location and discuss some of the
>> logistics and what would be needed to undertake VCF-UK.
> Now we're getting down to it.  It might be worth talking to the
> organisers of other computery events, in particular Linuxy ones (rather
> than the "computer fairs" that are just car boot sales of pirate DVDs
> and cheap crappy hardware).  I was at LugRadioLive last month - maybe we
> should discuss it with the organisers of that?
> Gordon

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