Victor V286C

Chris M chrism3667 at
Sat Aug 4 13:25:28 CDT 2007

--- Rod Smallwood
<RodSmallwood at> wrote:

> Hi
>        I have the system unit for a Victor V286C PC
> manufactured in
> 1991. Its in really nice condition.
> Keyboard and mouse are no problem. However the
> display is a different
> matter. It has a nine pin
> display connector which would make it a CGA ,MGA or
> Hercules output. 
> Anybody any ideas as to where I might find a
> matching monitor?

the original V286 came out about 1987 roughly. I don't
now what the "c" denotes. I have the 8088 version, the
VPC II. Lots of asics and stuph inside blech.
 As to the monitor - ePay, classifieds, etc. Trying
running an ad in a newspaper or smaller publication.
Is there a UK equivalent of Craigslist?

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