Weird IBMs

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Tue Aug 7 11:19:13 CDT 2007

>    Dave McG. will probably attest to the fact that I literally stumble
> over Good Stuff all the time.
>    I've snatched PDP-11s, innumerable VAXen, a Convergent CT-001
> (Burroughs N-GEN box), Amigas, Kaypros, sbus and 68K Suns, Ataris, an
> Altos 580-15, you name it, from various scrappers around here.

I will chalk this up as a "difference in standards". "Good things" to
me means really obscure or rare mainframe or minicomputer items. Only
a few PDP-11s would fall into this category (blinkenlight models,
basically), and almost no VAX machines (except a 9000).

Suns? I could built a house with all the Suns that turn up. Unless it
is a Sun-1, I am generally unimpressed and will pass. Same with
Kaypros, Amigas, Altos, etc.

OK, a snobbish attitude, I will admit it.


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