Looking for S-100 board documentation

Andrew and Kay Lynch lynch610 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 8 17:35:00 CDT 2007


I am restoring some S-100 boards and am looking for documentation.
Specifically, for these S-100 boards:

Bob Mullen TB-1 (bus extender with logic probe)

Morrow's Microstuff MMSP2 (serial/parallel ports)

Measurement Systems and Controls Inc, Model DMB-6400 (64K DRAM)

Matrox ALT 512-AS (video graphics)

VectorGraphics Flash-Writer (video text, *not* the Flash-Writer II)

If anyone has documentation, especially schematics, for any or all of
the above, please contact me.  I think Herb as one of them which I
will be ordering soon but the rest appear to be unavailable on the
internet as best I can tell.

I am able to scan documentation so if you have paper copies and could
either make a copy or send me the original and I will return it as you
request.  I will pay for shipping, handling fees, as appropriate etc.

Your help is much appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

Andrew Lynch

PS, I posted this on comp.os.cpm but no responses yet.  I will send any
copies I get to the usual S-100 archives assuming I get sender's permission
to do so.

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