Christian Corti cc at
Thu Aug 9 11:36:03 CDT 2007

I have a SORD M243 Mark V system that came with PIPS, BASIC and SGL. This 
Z80 system from 1982 seems to be interesting as it has a built-in color 
monitor and graphics capabilities. But whenever I load SGL (Sord Graphics 
Language) into memory I can't load anything other afterwards (like BASIC), 
I get "memory exhausted".
The system has "only" 192 kB RAM and is expandable to up to over 700 kB. I 
wouldn't mind building a memory expansion but I don't have the description 
of the hardware, especially of the pseudo-S100 bus of this machine. Does 
anyone have a hardware manual or the description of the I/O bus?
I'm also looking for other software like Fortran, MDOS distribution disks 
or even CP/M (not sure if there was a CP/M for the M243).


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