Roger Holmes roger.holmes at
Thu Aug 9 14:54:48 CDT 2007

> First a simple question, how many readers of this list are in the UK?
> If Bletchley Park might be able to do a VCF in two or three years  
> time, maybe we could do something much simpler in the mean time,  
> without using the VCF name. Just a get together of anyone in the UK  
> with an interest in old computers and hopefully a few who would  
> want to exhibit theirs. Who would be interested and about how much  
> space, if any would they want?
> I guess we would need to double that up to allow for aisles etc.  
> Then we'll know the size of venues to look for. By the way, I was  
> really thrown by the mention of the planet Venus, it took me a  
> while to work out it was a typo for venues :-)
> Then there's the question of vehicle parking. How many and are we  
> talking only cars and small vans or big vans and articulated lorries?

To which the answers (so far) are (including someone else's very  
valid question of where they are) :

Rob <robert at>                                 Manchester

Ian <silvercreekvalley at>		         
Yorkshire                                                   At a push  
I would be happy to demo a few interesting machines

Peter Turnbull <pete at>          
interested in exhibiting, and *maybe* assisting with organisation

Julian <julian at>                                         

Philip Pemberton <classiccmp at>    West  
Yorkshire                                           interested in  
visiting the show, and possibly exhibiting

Andrew Burton <aliensrcooluk at>         south-east, a few  
miles from Cambridge.  enough to have a table for my laptop & opened  
up Amiga
      I'd just bring my car

Pete Edwards <stimpy.u.idiot at>

Rod Smallwood <RodSmallwood at>
           50 miles west of London near the (in)famous Greenham Common

Austin Pass <austin at>                         
Manchester                                               some of my  
SGI machines
      transit van and could offer load space to other local  
exhibitors too

Adrian Burgess <classiccmp at> Half way between  
Nottingham and Lincoln

Andy Piercy <andy.piercy at>

Gordon JC Pearce <gordon at>                     half-way up  
Scotland, West side

Stan Barr <stanb at>

John Honniball <coredump at>               North Bristol

Tony Duell  <ard at>               south-west  
London, near Richmond      I'd want to bring at least one interesting  
toy along

Pete (Ensor?) <classiccmp at> Birmingham

James <james at>                           
Southampton                                         possibly showing  
my 340 node Transputer system

Liam Proven <lproven at>                         Mitcham, SW  

Commented but didn't actually say was in UK:
John Foust <jfoust at>

Tim Walls <tim.walls at>                   Leeds,  
Yorkshire but prefers London

Mike Hatch <mike at>                   Aldershot,  

James Carter <james at>                            York

Plus me,
Roger Holmes <roger.holmes at>    Weald of Kent,70 miles  
south-east of London.      Maybe a Lisa 2, my 1301 takes 3 months to  
assemble/debug and weighs 5 tons.

So we have 23 people interested, very few exhibitors and a large  
geographic spread but with clusters in Yorkshire(5), Manchester(3)  
and London(2 plus 2 nearby).

Thank you all very much for responding.

For my t'pennyworth (and saying it as a southerner) it seems like an  
event within a few miles of the M62 would be feasible, but its too  
far away for me to get involved in organising. An event down south  
does not seem feasible to me, though any of you are welcome to see my  
1301 (plus 'The Darling Buds of May' farm) if you're in the area,  
though please check I'll be home that day.

Whilst I agree that the social aspect is important, I must say I'm  
also interested in Rod's idea of a virtual meeting of some sort.  
There's no way I could show you all my 1301 in person, but this would  
be a way to do it, but does it need to be interactive? If it was, it  
could still be recorded and put on a web site somewhere for all to  
see. Maybe this could in some way be interactive through this list.  
Could we do an introductory video to our machines (via U-Tube maybe  
if the list server itself doesn't have enough storage/bandwidth),  
then other listers could ask questions and ask for other things to be  
shown, and that way listers throughout the world could be involved.  
It also creates an archive which can maybe be preserved long after  
the machines themselves have become fatally non functional or even  
scrapped, or even just temporarily non functional for that matter.

Roger Holmes.

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