Suggestions for rackmount floppy mounting

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at
Tue Aug 14 13:11:47 CDT 2007

--- Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:

> I need to mount some full-height and half-height
> 5.25" floppy drives 
> as well as a few 3.5" units on a standard EIA rack. 
> Does anyone have 
> any ideas about the best way to go about this would
> be?

Well, if you want the cheap-and-dirty way to do it (my
favorite way!) you could use a piece of 1/4" plywood
as a faceplate, cut square holes in it the size of a
full height 5 1/4" drive, and scavenge some drive
frames from junked PC mid-tower cabinets. Screw the
drive frames to the back of the plywood, and paint the
plywood to match the cabinet. The weight of the floppy
drives shouldn't be enough so that it needs any more
support than a few rack screws drilled through the
edges of the plywood.

Or, if you want a more professional look, hunt around
for some old CD-library rackmount things, you know,
the ones with many SCSI CD-ROM players in a rackmount
box with power supply? Pull out the CD drives, and put
in floppy drives.

Remember - when making things to mount drives in -
junked PC cases are your friend. You can drill out
those rivets and have nice, pre-made drive frames. And
don't overlook that metal pipe-hanger strapping - the
metal strips with holes in them. Erector set pieces
work too.

Good luck.


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