Suggestions for rackmount floppy mounting

Doc Shipley doc at
Tue Aug 14 22:03:12 CDT 2007

William Donzelli wrote:
>>I'm not sure how, using the tools I have, to carve big holes in a
>>thick aluminum blank panel plate.  Would a 3 HP router and a carbide
>>bit do it?
> Get an engraving bit - that is more or less what they are designed
> for. If you get one perhaps 1/8 inch diameter, you would only need to
> file out the corners a little bit. With an 1/8 inch thick panel, you
> might need to make the cut five or six times, but it will go fast.

Mr. Low-tech sez:

   I don't like doing aluminum with power tools unless I can set up a 
jig.  A hand saw is a lot more work, but for me it's more likely to 
leave a good-looking product.

   A decent 6" scroll saw will cost you $14 or so, and blades a couple 
of bucks.  The saw frame will let you set the blade at right angles to 
the frame itself, and the 6" is the depth of the frame, not the length 
of the blade.

   Having said that, if you use the drive cages from scrap PCs, as 
somebody mentioned, if they're bolted in first they'll make a fine 
router guide for smoothing up the rough cut.


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