Broken floppy disks

Andrew Burton aliensrcooluk at
Sun Aug 19 16:14:39 CDT 2007

> Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:> 
> The sad fact is that most diskettes 
> manufactured in the last decade 
> or so are pretty miserable.  Awhile back, I 
> purchased a few hundred 
> Imation "made in USA" DSHDs.  Thus far, the 
> results have been mixed.  
> One odd thing is that the boxes state "Lifetime > Warranty, see inside 
> for details".  Well, there's nothing inside...

I used to buy Imation disks for use on my Amiga's (when they were working). After I realised how crap they were (various failures) and how poorly made they were (simply by write-protecting the disks I would break the glue bond between the casing and a visable gap would appear on the underside). I bought 30 disks (3 boxes of 10) before switching to Verbatim disks - a much higher quality casing and no errors at all on the 40 odd disks I got before my Amiga's went down last year.

I believe there is there a way to read Amiga floppy disks on a PC/laptop, but it was on which has gone :(
Does anyone have the documentation for it? I really would like to continue with a project I started last year which is on some of my floppies. I could start again, but that would mean 100's of hours of work down the tube :(

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at

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