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Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sun Aug 19 23:18:50 CDT 2007

At 10:51 PM -0400 8/19/07, Roy J. Tellason wrote:
>I've got some disks in storage,  dunno how well they're doing,  but I haven't
>seen any obvious problems.

I've got quite a few disks and video tapes in storage.  I used some 
of the C64 floppies last fall/winter, and they'd been up there for 
several years.  Winters in storage aren't bad, but it can get ***** 
hot in the summer (heated unit, but not cooled).

I honestly have no idea how the video tapes are fairing.  I know my 
Dad left one of my tapes in his truck in the heat a few years back 
and it didn't play right after that.

Basically I try to keep as much as I can at home, and don't put any 
magnetic media I really care about into storage.

>I have magazines sitting there in storage too,  and a fair amount of other
>paper.  None of this stuff seems to be suffering any ill effects.  But then I
>don't recall seeing any other signs of moisture in there. I did get burned

Heated storage units really help, and stay away from units where one 
side of the unit is on the outer walls.  Heated units with a outer 
wall will have a serious difference in temperature and condensation 
will be an issue.  Thankfully neither of my units have outside walls.

>  > OK, this is becoming too much like a 12-step support group.  Back to
>  > our regularly scheduled collecting...

I've been saying for years that Classic Computer collecting is a 
disease, I like to think I'm on the mend, but I still have way to 
much junk.  Plus I'm the one responsible for that side of things with 
the Library (we do take donations of classic computer documentation 


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