MicroVax II/VMS - why 70mb isn't enough.

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 20 07:18:55 CDT 2007

For all those that asked - I was trying to install VMS
7.2. Obviously, an older version would have had a
better time fitting, but this is the only version we
had available. I was just realliy suprised that the
installer claimed that it would fit with 10000 blocks
to spare, and then promptly ran out of space. It makes
sense - VMS pages to a file on the disk, and any
unpacking routine would use disk, but, oh well. Live
and learn.

I did some digging here and found a 300 mb ESDI disk.
I have no idea if it works or not, I'll give it a shot
as soon as I have a chance. 

With regards to booting - has anyone used mopd on
Linux to install VMS? I am wondering if it's possible
to build up a Linux box to act as an InfoServer (I
don't have one, Sridhar does).

Also, does anyone have a Qbus DSSI controller that
needs a home? <grin>


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