My Rescue Mission

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Mon Aug 20 10:39:06 CDT 2007

Ian Primus wrote:

>> The Indy looks fine but the O2 only comes
>> up now and then.
> Ah hah - I found the "proper" instructions for
> cleaning those connectors.

O2 != Octane, O2 doesn't use the compression connectors (or XIO), but 
the more common pin and card-edge types.


Indigo R3000 will use anything from IRIX 4 up through IRIX 5.3, but SGI 
dropped the 32-bit R3k and R2k at that time. The O2 will require IRIX 
6.3 or 6.5 (6.5 is much easier to find software for, but there are 
rumors that 6.3 handles some video stuff better). The Indy will run 
IRIX 6.2 or 6.5 (it will also run 5.3, but there's a chance you can get 
into the Hardware Specific Version Hell there, with specific versions 
of IRIX that will run on only one or two machine/processor/graphics 
combinations. 4.0.5 also has HWSH bits).


The Indigo (1), the purple cube, Hollywood, whatever you want to call 
it) DOES NOT USE PS/2 KEYBOARDS like the other machines you list. It 
has a mini-DIN 6, but uses the same keyboard as the Onyx and PI 4D/3x 
series (electrically similar to the keyboard used in the PI 4D/2x, 
Professional IRIS, POWER series, and Crimson but with a different 
connector.) A PS/2 keyboard will damage the Indigo, keyboard or both. 
The mouse daisy-chains onto the keyboard. There are instructions for a 
PS/2 KBM to Old SGI machine converter, look up megarat and technolust 
on Google to find a linking page.

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