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Article about the DigiBarn,
"BOULDER CREEK, Calif.--Can you imagine a computer history museum that has 
to be packed up and put away each winter and then unpacked each summer, and 
which has three potbellied pigs as its mascot?

I can, because I've just visited the DigiBarn, a wonderful trip down 
silicon memory lane that's nestled in a 90-year-old barn, close to a 
19th-century farmhouse deep in the Santa Cruz mountains, about 90 minutes 
south of San Francisco.

The DigiBarn, which is the pride and joy of NASA contractor Bruce Damer and 
his partner in curation, Alan Lundell, ..."


It goes on to describe some of the old mechanical calculators (the Curta!) 
and Apple stuff in the collection, the Altair, the PET, etc. One photo 
looks like an RK05 pack, although the schmuck is holding it backwards. 
Click the photo to see the photo gallery. The photos are very arty but not 
identified worth a darn.


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