'nother odd drive

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Tue Aug 21 11:27:10 CDT 2007

We just got given a "Power Mac 7500 Series" system (is that topical in here?),  
my first mac.  It has,  among other things,  an external box marked "Syquest" 
and one "disk" that apparently goes with that,  marked 200MB.  Anybody 
familiar with these?  All of this stuff is new to me...

Also got a couple of printers with this system,  a LJ5 and some Epson inkjet, 
is there any reason I wouldn't be able to use these with any other hardware?  
I dunno if it coming with the mac makes a difference here or not.

Wondering too if that system uses a standard VGA monitor,  as that's one thing 
we _didn't_ get with it.

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