Anyone got a small VAX going spare?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Wed Aug 22 13:27:21 CDT 2007

> It now emerges I have an urgent need to polish up my VMS knowledge,
> which is a good excuse.
> I was thus wondering if anyone in England - ideally, around the SE -
> had any spare VAXen they might part with for an impoverished
> fellow-hobbyist?

It is a shame that you didn't ask about this a week or so ago.  Check
comp.os.vms for a posting last week by Elliott Roper.  He *might* have one
or two systems left, but I think he's pretty much unloaded everything (he
had a lot).  He is in Hayfield, which is about 15 miles SE of Manchester.

> running, though. I have SCSI CD-ROMs available and a Hobbyist CD
> somewhere.

Keep in mind they need to support 512-byte blocks.

> In the meantime, I'll try SIMH, but I'd much prefer real hardware if
> possible.

Don't blame you.  I only run VMS on real hardware.

> In an ideal world, I would really love an old VAXstation. I used to
> rather like DECwindows and would love to play with it again...

You might want to ask around about an Alpha as well.  The thing to keep in
mind with an Alpha though is that it needs a *LOT* more RAM.

BTW, ones first VAX should always be SCSI based if at all possible.  It will
make non-SCSI ones that much easier to get up and running. :^)  (my first
two weren't)


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