DEC switch handles (use FDM?)

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Sun Aug 26 23:43:37 CDT 2007

On 8/27/07, Vincent Slyngstad <vrs at> wrote:
> > All this talk about DEC switch handles has me wondering exactly what
> > is being discussed.  When removed from a front panel, exactly what
> > does one of these doodads look like?
> Here's a nice side view of one of the ones for some of the PDP-8's.

That model goes with the -8/L/e/f/m, and most likely the 11/20.  The
"long rocker" type I recall from the -8/S/i, and the Digital Lab.  The
"triangular" type goes with the 11/35/45/70.

I don't recall if the Straight-8 uses identical actuators as the ones
in the auction above, or not.  The tips look the same, but having
never seen them out of context, I don't know if they are identical, or
merely similar.

Personally, if someone ever does replicate actuators, I'd be primarily
interested in the -8/L/e/f/m type first, and the -11/34/35/70 type
second.  For now, though, I'll sit on the sidelines until someone
claims success and starts listing prices.


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