Anyone got a small VAX going spare?

Austin Pass austin at
Thu Aug 23 11:03:59 CDT 2007

On 23/8/07 16:20, "Zane H. Healy" <healyzh at> wrote:

> With the possible exception of a few items that
> were trash (ancient dead Alpha's), along with
> some monitors no one seemed interested in,
> everything was rescued.
> I just wish I'd been in place to rescue the VAXstation 4000/vlc's!

I was lucky enough to get hold of most of it:

[Note: pictures are 1024x768 ~ 250KB each]

I got all of the VAXstation 4000's and remaining microVAXen but didn't take
the VLC's - I didn't realise they were at all popular / useful.  Elliott is
a super guy, and very interesting too; I'm most grateful to him.  What's
slightly embarrassing is that I took such a massive haul...  Elliott gave
the impression that I was the "last chance motel" for the equipment before
it went to the tip.  I have subsequently found out that there was
substantial interest in the equipment and I happened to be first in line!

Unfortunately for Liam, all of what you see in the pictures is currently en
route to my place in France, but I'll happily bring back one of the MicroVAX
3100-80's for you if you can wait a couple of weeks.  My home in the UK is
in Mossley, near Stalybridge, East of Manchester.


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