*workstation* monitors

Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 15:52:59 CDT 2007

I realize that these are the things least likely to
get held onto, due to their mass and bulk, but if
anyone should happen to have a large screen color or b
& w monitor they're looking to get rid of, let me
know. The b & w units were somewhat common on top of
Macs, and any such thing would be uncommon on a
peecee, particularly an early unit (< 48khz horizontal
frequency) which is what I would want in the way of a
color model. Reasonably good condition, and
*reasonably* close to Pennsylhoma/New Jersey. I can't
give specific models, but I'd happy to do the research
if you can provide a model.

Pinpoint customers who are looking for what you sell. 

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