Catweasel NorthStar project

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at
Thu Aug 23 22:12:47 CDT 2007

I am working on a software project (GPL v2) to make the Catweasel make
images of NorthStar hard sector disks based on the Tim Mann cw2dmk code.  

I have some mostly working code which can make disk images of 10 sector
5.25" hard sector floppy disks.  It is not ready for public release.  I am
looking for some brave person(s) who:

1) own a Catweasel 

2) have access to a Horizon or Advantage or S-100 bus computer with MDS
controller, and 

3) are willing and able to do some testing/debugging/fixing of some rough

Please contact me offline if interested.  The code is not available publicly
at this time.


Andrew Lynch

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