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Rumor has it that Dave McGuire may have mentioned these words:
>On Aug 24, 2007, at 3:53 PM, Ethan Dicks wrote:
>>If 11/70 actuators were to be made, I would probably be interested,
>>but I'm unconvinced that at present prices, it's economical to make a
>>hobbyist run of them.  Perhaps in the medium-term future, should
>>fab-at-home-type hardware continue to drop in price, the equation will
>>look more favorable, but right now, I don't think it is.
>   About ten years ago, a friend of mine found a private individual
>selling copies of the weird proprietary data connector used on many
>Garmin GPS receivers.  He was a hobbyist who had a small injection
>molding machine in his house.  I have several of the connectors he
>made; they are of excellent quality.
>   I wonder if we could find him.

Doubtful... he isn't lost! ;-) <wink>

The individual you're thinking of was Larry Berg of Purple Computing - he's 
still in "business" as it were - his business model is kinda like a "open 
source hardware" model... it works for him, tho.

This is kinda ontopic - even tho he doesn't support Tandy Model 100/102/200 
laptops anymore (he used to sell memory upgrades & whatnot for them) he 
still uses them for daily tasks around the shop, including one that runs 
his plastic injection moulding machine.

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