DEC switch handles

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Fri Aug 24 18:49:42 CDT 2007

>    Well, America has big wages if your title begins with "chief" and
> ends with "officer".  Rest in peace, American middle class.

Do your own thing. Leave the system. That is what I did. I am never
going back...

>    Molds for small parts such as switch handles will be cheaper, and
> there's a side benefit to their small size: we might be able to
> design one mold that can make several different types of switch
> handles (PDP8/e-PDP11/20 style, PDP11/45-PDP11/70 style, etc) in one
> shot.  DEC didn't use that many different styles of switch handles.

This is absolutely the right thing to do. What are there - three main
styles, maybe some sub substyles, over about a dozen colors?


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