DEC switch handles (use FDM?)

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Mon Aug 27 12:48:40 CDT 2007

> As you mentioned, metal pivots could be fitted and some post-slicing
> profiling shouldn't be difficult.  I remember that our model shop guy
> milled almost everything non-metallic out of polycarbonate; details
> were always crisp and painting looked really good.  Someone with a
> well-equipped metal shop should be able to turn these things out
> assembly-line style.

For this much trouble, it would probably be worth just making a proper mold.

For the paddle types, and maybe the others, I can see it would be
possible to make an el cheapo two part mold, then have a small amount
of milling of the finished parts. Two part molds are a whole bunch
cheaper than three part molds, which is probably what the originals


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