Where to get Catweasels

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 31 19:07:42 CDT 2007


As you recall, I am working on a Catweasel for
NorthStar floppy disk reader project.  It is slowly
making progress and will eventually come out in the
open.  I'd still like anyone who can to join me.

In the meantime, some people have said one of the
problems with using the Catweasel is actually finding
one to buy in the first place.  I have had a lot of
luck here:


I recently bought a Catweasel Mk1 from them which
prior to finding it I had thought those were

Please do not misinterpret this message, it is not a
SPAM message as much as an little help to my fellow
NorthStar owners to get in on the Catweasel fun.  Now
you can longer say that you can't participate because
you cannot find a Catweasel!

Best of luck with your NorthStars whatever you do.


Andrew Lynch

PS, I am on vacation and may be a bit hard to reach
for the next few days.

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