Using old disks drives

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Mon Dec 3 10:17:40 CST 2007

> To some, I daresay, using a modern display on a classic machine borders
> on heresy, like using a converter and a modern disk instead of an RP03,

At some point, however, it starts to make sense. For these old 14"
beasts, new/nice packs and heads are starting to get hard to find -
some very hard. I have been looking for several types of IBM packs in
new/nice condition for years now, with no luck. Same with the heads.

And there are probably a dozen people waiting for a 18/36 bit
RP06/RM03 emulator in a box, using a cheap modern disk. Prod, prod.

(Looking for packs 1316, 3336, 3348, and heads for 2311, 3330. And the
Univac equivalent to the 1316.)


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