Small SBC kits for Christmas!

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Sat Dec 15 10:57:00 CST 2007

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Subj:  Small SBC kits for Christmas!
Date:  Sat Dec 15, 2007 9:23 am
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So, every year I like to get myself a little something; this year, I'm
probably going to be getting a new computer (outside the realms of
this list), but I'd also like to get some kind of single-board kit
that I can work on.

I'd like something along the lines of a ZX-81 kit, although it looks
like those are selling for somewhere around $250, when you can find
one. SpareTimeGizmos' Elf 2000 kit also looks fantastic, but I don't
have an 1802 or an 1861 to use in the thing, and I'd rather not hunt
any down. (If anyone wants to get rid of theirs, though, let me know.

Has anyone seen any similar kits out there? They don't have to be
useful for anything, just fun to play with, and not horribly difficult
to put together. I can solder fairly well, and I'm mean with a
multimeter, but I don't have the money for my own oscilloscope; I just
use other peoples' when they're not looking. Thanks, folks!


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