Corvus drivers for Xerox 820/Bigboard (Alspa has similar interfase)

jim s jwstephens at
Sun Dec 16 13:04:28 CST 2007

Steven Hirsch wrote:
> I'm looking for the drivers that will let my Bigboard speak to a 
> Corvus flat-cable drive.  I have a couple of the interface boxes that 
> go between the parallel port and the drive unit, but have never been 
> able to locate the required software nor any installation docs.
> If anyone in Classic Computer-land can help, I'd really appreciate it.
> Steve
The Alspa has a parallel port on it that goes to a Corvus drive.  If I 
find my diskettes, or can get a boot disk with bios source, you can use 
that code to run the drive.  I don't know of any real documentation, 
maybe Al K has some that is not online somewhere that describes how the 
actual disk runs over that cable.


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