Homebrew Drum Computer (magnetic heads)

Robert Nansel bnansel at bigpond.net.au
Mon Dec 17 01:40:58 CST 2007

With a sharp enough v-notch and very gradual abrasion from the  
outside, is should be possible to make the gap less than one thou.   
This is sort of the inverse of the way they made the point contacts  
for the first transistor at Bell Labs.


> >So, aside from the mumbles, does this sound like a workable plan?
> Ah no.  the gaps have to be narrow less than .001".  that hs been done
> two peice ferrite heads (half beads) with oe side of the magnetic  
> circuit
> filled with .001" thick brass shim stock.
> Or you could pull the heads from a number of old floppies.
> The 14" platter is a good source for media.
> Allison

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