Max configuration of SGI Origin 2000/Onyx2 architecture

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Dec 17 08:04:49 CST 2007

Richard wrote:
> OK, we talked earlier about how high this architecture could go and
> there was some mention of 256 and 512 processor systems.  However, I
> just stumbled across a press release at LANL describing their
> installation of a massive 6144 processor system consisting of 48 sets
> of 128 nodes all arranged as a giant supercomputer:
> <>

Interesting stuff. Weta Digital had a pretty impressive room full of O2k 
hardware rendering the Lord of the Rings effects back around 2001. I'm not 
sure if they're even still using SGI, but the rows of double-height O2k 
cabinets looked pretty stunning back then - it'd be interesting to find out 
what their exact config was.



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