small misc. parts available...

Jay West jwest at
Thu Dec 20 11:38:24 CST 2007

MSD let their main line sewer backup, 10 feet downhill on the street from my 
house. So... all my upstreet neighbors sewage wound up in my basement. The 
servepro people are here removing everything from my basement (any of you 
that have seen my basement know what THAT is like)... and starting their 
cleaning process.

Not much of the collection has been affected... the notable items that were 
sitting in 5 inches of raw waste were a HP 2100S cpu, Microdata Reflex disc 
drive, HP D series box, RL01 drive, a couple 7900A drives... I think that's 
the major items affected. Not sure how they plan to disinfect the wire wrap 
backplane on the 2100, may be a loss :\

Anyways... the reason I'm posting this... Since the cleaners are bringing in 
a dumpster to remove unsalvageable stuff, they kindly agreed to take away 
stuff that has been taking space here that I was going to get rid of... like 
DEC corp cabs, some lowboy some full height, one stuffed with RA81's (all 
dead), etc. I am going to have these carted off. I will post to the list 
specific items as they go out the back door (to sit for a day before the 
dumpster truck comes). I will not save whole racks, but if there is any 
specific rack hardware or bits that someone wants me to strip off, I will do 

Right now - Out went a mid-height dec corp cab that used to house an 11/44. 
It used to have an RA81? drive in it, so it's one of those extra deep corp 
cabs. Does anyone need those hex sided metal posts that stick like 7 inches 
out from the rack, or that large bracket at the bottom where you hook up 
those round (power sequencing?) cables (4 pin, screw on).

More as it becomes available...


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