E: Shift Registers as Delay Lines (was Delay lines in TV

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu Dec 20 12:40:18 CST 2007

 From: "Rod Smallwood" <RodSmallwood at mail.ediconsulting.co.uk>

> I actually worked on VDU's that used shift registers as the display
> memory around 1973.

The Beehive terminal I used around 1975 used an 8008 and a bunch of 
MOS shift registers for memory.  No conventional SRAM/DRAM at all.  I 
recall the parts were small 8-pin DIPs.

My 1969 Moto Microelectronics databook shows only a handful of MOS 

  MC1124L - Quad T flip-flop
  MC1141G - Triple 66-bit dynamic shift register
  MC1150L - 8 channel MUX switch
  MC1151L - 2-of-8 channel MUX switch
So it's doubtful that MOS shift registers would meet the 1965 
criterion at all.


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