More stuff to get rid of (terminals) [UK]

Ensor classiccmp at
Thu Dec 20 19:46:20 CST 2007

The clearout continues....

I've turned up a couple of Televideo 950s and a couple of Wyse 30s if anyone 
wants them?

AFAIK The Wyse 30s are fully functional (though bear in mind I haven't used 
them for some 7 years), but I think the TV950s may need some TLC - I vaguely 
remember them having problems communicating with their respective keybaords 
the last time I used them (they'd make a good source of spares though).

There's also a Zenith Z89 available, which definitely needs some work doing 
on it. Again, probably best used for spares for a working unit.

All of these are available free for pickup from Birmingham before the end of 
January (whereupon any computer crap left in my house *WILL* be 
unceremoniously junked).

BTW I've also turned up a number of old "Micro Decision" magazines from 
1989/90 if anyone wants them (they were heading for the recycling bin, but 
with the amount of stuff I've chucked in there tonight they simply won't 
fit). They'll be heading for the recycler next fortnight, so speak up now if 
you want them!

As usual, contact me off-list if interested.

  TTFN - Pete.

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