Tony Duell ard at
Fri Dec 21 17:33:00 CST 2007

> Prime used to sell these.  They were available in 32, 64 and 96 MB
> models.  The bottom section contains fixed platters.  The top section

Each data surfact stores 16Mbytes (or so). 

The removeable pack has one data surface and one servo surface. There's 
also a servo sufrace among the fixed platters -- the drive automatically 
selects which servo head to used based on which data haed is selected. 
The reason for the 2 servo surfaces is that the removeable pack may not 
centre exaclty, so for repiable operation they took the positioner 
reference from the fixed or removeable platters as appropriate.

A 32MB drive has one fixed platter (one data surface, one servo 
surface).. So 16MB fixed, 16MB removable. A 64MB drive has 2 fixed 
platters (3 data surfaces), so 48MB fixed, 16MB removeable. And finally 
the 96MB one has 3 fixed platters (5 dfata surfaces), so 80MB fixed, 16MB 

I do have the service manual for this drive. The thing I rememebr is that 
you don't fiddle with the mechanics without reading it first, and even 
then tread carefully. There are all sorts of special tools you may need.


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