Stride 460 restoration video posted to YouTube

David W. Erhart daviderhart at
Fri Dec 21 22:39:05 CST 2007

>On 21/12/2007, Charles Fox <cfox1 at> wrote:
>>          A beautiful job both on the computer and the video. The
>> music fitted in with the action, and I liked the pans and zooms. A
>> computer doesn't move around much, so what else can you do? It's not
>> like shooting "dancing with the stars".
>Well, that's certainly true!
>I'm improvising here, but I'd like to have seen some details of how it
>was reassembled, for instance - what new or refurbished parts were put
>in. A time-lapse of the strip-down and reassembly would have worked
>well, showing it being torn apart then rebuilt in 30sec or so. Seeing
>what sorts of connectors it has, if special cables were made up,
>showing the button being pressed for the 1st power-on, things like
>Just some ideas...

Great ideas.  I think I have a much better plan for the next restoration project.  I was working backwards in this project.  Taking what I had available, pictures, video clips, etc. and making a video.  Next time I think a plan would be helpful. ;-)

I'm thinking about doing a take-apart/put-back-together series of videos for the Sage II (half-height/full-height), Sage IV and Stride 440 and 460.  Might be worth capturing for future 'restorations'.


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