Diodes [was: The 2N2/256-BSCP [was: Homebrew Drum Computer]]

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Sun Dec 23 17:38:43 CST 2007

On Sunday 23 December 2007 18:02, Tom Watson wrote:
> I suppose you could simulate them with a connected PNP/NPN transistor pair
> (as mentioned here), or use a higher voltage to trigger and use an SCR
> (another 4 layer device) and not connect the trigger lead.  These went out
> of style long ago I understand.  In looking things up, I ran across this:
> http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_3/chpt_7/3.html
> which explains things in great detail.

That page with the two-transistor equivalent reminded me of this one:


which strikes me as a handy thing to be able to do,  take a couple of ordinary 
bipolar transistors and use 'em as an SCR,  a PUT,  a 4-layer diode, an SCS,  
and all sorts of other stuff.  :-)

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