Yet another VT-100 emulator

Ensor classiccmp at
Sun Dec 23 23:10:22 CST 2007

Hi Jim,

  > I had no issues at all working with VESA. It made my life easier
  >because I didn't have to support 30+ different chipset variants....

  > I'm quite surprised you claim to have jad trouble with VESA....

After some 12+ years or so I really don't remember the exact details of the 
problems I had back then. What I do remember ****VIVIDLY**** though, is that 
VESA, for me at least, was a MAJOR pain in the arse (or more likely, buggy 
implementations of it).... :-(

I might be able to remember more were I not: a) suffering from the worst 
bout of flu I've ever had {3 weeks and counting}, b) recovering from carbon 
monoxide poisoning, and c) suffering from nicotine withdrawal (I gave up 
smoking recently because of "a" and "b", LOL).

So, if I sound grumpy at the moment, it's because I am...!

Still, when was life ever easy? ;-)

  >>....since all this stuff is obsolete and available at little or
  >>no cost.

  > Actually, thanks to the popularity of Linux, VESA is put into every
  >ATI and nVidia card still being made....

Actually, I was thinking in terms of ISA bus SVGA cards. Should've been a 
bit clearer on that point, sorry.

  >....Run VESAINFO on your modern card if you don't believe me....

I'll take your word for it. :-)

For me, a modern PC clone is merely a tool for getting a job done and 
_nothing_ more. I have absolutely no interest **WHATSOEVER** in what lies 
buried "under the hood" as it were (outside of specifying the bits which I 
build it from), or tinkering with it, or whatever....

That's why I collect "classic" machines!

  TTFN - Pete.

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