11-44 panels needed

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Dec 27 00:56:25 CST 2007

> I'm still looking for the top and 1 side panel for my 11-44 system
> Has the flip up rails for the 11-44. So the main top panel is removeable.

I'm familiar with the top panel you're talking about. I have one on a mid 
size corp cab that the /44 I'm keeping is in.

But I've also seen 44's in those cabinets without the piston-assist tiltup 
"rails" and instead use the "rotate up" chassistrak rails. Only one of the 
cabinets I'm getting rid of have the style of top you're looking for, and on 
that one the top is missing :\

I don't think that one has side panels, but I'll check. That cabinet style 
also has two different depths that I'm aware of. What does your existing 
side panel measure?


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